Saturday, May 30, 2009

Baseball memories

Yesterday at work, while we put pins are nearly 400 number bibs for today's Family Fun Run, the conversation turned to baseball. Baltimore is really only a two sports town - baseball and football. And some might say B-more is only a one sport town consider how bad the O's have been the past seasons (okay 15 years).

However, last night the talk of the town was the O's and the Major League debut of baseball's number one prospect, Matt Weiters. So with a bunch of sports fans in our department, you can imagine this is what the talk turned too. Some one mentioned that they don't really like baseball, but don't mind taking in a game or two a year saying that baseball was better in person. We all agreed, but I did mention also liked to listen to a game on the radio. My younger colleagues just looked at me, like it was stupid to listen to the radio when you can watch the game in HDTV.

HD - shamashD. To me there is nothing better than sitting on the porch watching the sun go down, listening to the game on the radio. I can picture it now, sitting on the back porch, Dad sitting in one of the chairs listen to Joe Castiglone call a Red Sox game. Just the sound of Joe's voice brings me back to those nights, when the porch seemed to be coolest place in the house and we watched the heat lighting dance across the sky from a distance. Brings a whole new meaning to summer nights.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Food Fight

Abby has been eating solid foods for a little over a month. I use the word 'eating' lightly. She isn't really a fan. Not sure if it is spoon or the taste of food. Although know that I think about it. She puts every thing else in her mouth, so I'm not sure that it is the spoon thing. Must be the taste.

Tonight we had carrots for the third time, and she didn't spit most of it back out at me. yeah! We've had success with oatmeal, bananas and sweet potatoes (however, sweet potatoes don't really agree with her, so we've moved that to the don't list). Things we don't really like yet are green beans, squash and peas.

I'll keep trying. I'm trying to get her to like more veggies before we start with the fruits cause I'm afraid that she'll like those and never go back. ;)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm still here

Life has been crazy and like my Aunt just wrote on her blog, I too have not abandoned my blog, it just seems that life has gotten in the way. I have tons of pictures and I swear, on my way to work, I think of at least 2-3 things to blog about. But by the time I get leave work, pick up Abs, get home, feed Reese, play with Abby, start dinner, change Abby, eat dinner, play with Abby some more, bath the Abster and then help Micah put her to bed after her bottle... I'm exhausted.

We've been busy and it appears the summer is shaping up to be just as busy. So here, for those you haven't heard, is what we've been up to. Over Mother's Day weekend, Abby and I headed up to NYC on the train to spend time in the Big Apple with Mom (Savta). We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria, which oddly enough doesn't have an elevator in the entrance lobby. We had a blast. We shopped and ate our way through the city. Abby made her first visit to Canal Street looking for knock of bags and then rewarded herself with a corned beef sandwich at The Stage Deli. Well okay, she didn't eat, but Mom and I sure did. Thank goodness we walked nearly the five miles from the hotel to Canal Street.

On Sunday, (Mother's Day) Abs and I headed back to Baltimore and arrived just in time to get cleaned up and head out to dinner with Bubbie and Zayde... oh and Ashley and Josh came up to. We went to the Wine Market in Federal Hill... great place, will have to go back again.

The following weekend was Ashley's bridal shower in Harrisburg. I had spent a lot of time planning it, and it was nice to see everything come together. I think Ashley enjoyed herself
In between all of this, we painted the sitting room off the kitchen. It came out really well. I'll try to take some pictures soon. Oh yeah, Micah had a nasty stomach flu in the meantime... and I'm telling you that almost put me over the edge... it was like having two babies.

Last weekend, we headed to that lake for the holiday. We were so lucky and had great weather the entire weekend. It was 79 degrees and sunny. Beautiful! Abby went on her first boat ride and loved it. She isn't really a fan of the PFD, but the rocking of the boat put her right to sleep both times. Ah, my little water baby.

And rest of the summer is pretty much like the last four weekends. All three of us are off to St. Louis on June 13 (I'm going for work, Abby and Micah are playing) and we are home for a day until Micah and I head off to London. Abby is staying home with Savta. Then we have a Bar Mitvah and a few weekends at the lake, a long weekend in NH/ME in July, a Red Sox/O's game, a wedding in August and Ashley's wedding on Labor Day weekend. Add in a few summer festivals that I have staff for work and I think Fall will be here before I know it. Does time ever slow down??
Okay - I'm done with my month long update. Here are some pictures as your reward!

Hey look at this toy... looks some different sitting up.

Did you know that I have feet?

All smiles sitting on Dad's lap. I think it was Bubbie make me laugh!

This toy looks interesting.

Hanging out on my tummy.