Wednesday, June 10, 2009

30 day shred

Many of the moms (or moms to be) of some of the blogs I read are doing Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred. It is an intense 20 minute workout program that include cardio, strength and abs. One mom, Mayday, has had great results from it.

So last week, I won the bake-off contest at work. The prize was a $20 gift certificate. I decided to use it at Target and purchase "the shred" today. When I got home, put in the DVD. Holy moly - talk abouot a butt kicking!! I'm not sure I've ever sweated so much in a 20 minute in my life. I'm going to do it everyday or at least try. Over the next two weeks I'm traveling a lot, but I'm going to make a committment to work out at the hotel on those days.

Let's see what I look like in 30 or so days!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Make-up and coffee

I hate to admit it, but I love watching the "Tori and Dean" shows. Totally a guilty pleasure. The fourth season (I think) just started and I was watching it on Comcast 'On Demand' this morning. The entire episode was focused on both Tori and Dean trying to balance their professional life and being parents. Tori had the harder time with it. I think a lot of moms do - trying to balance being a mom and a wife while still trying to be true to herself. As a new mom, I can totally understand where she is coming from - trying to balance being a working mom. It is two full time jobs (add in being a wife - which is a part-time job at the minimum and it is surprise I have time to sleep.)

She was talking to a friend who is a stay at home mom, asking how if she missed it working. Her friends comment rang true to me as well. She said that she was just working until she was able to become a mom. Once that happened she realized that was what she was meant to do. When Tori looked at her, feeling almost guitly that she didn't feel the same way and how that might reflect on how she was as a mother, her friend told her that the choice to stay home was right for her, but is not right for every women. Tori than made a comment about her friend always looking so put together and asked her how she did it. Her answer: "Make-up. Make-up and lots of coffee." I'm sure every mom can agree with that statement.

Everyday I struggle with the same internal conflict that Tori Spelling did on this episode (and I'm sure still stuggles with today). How do I be fill the need to be a professional and be the best mom ever? There are days when I just want to cry. I feel like I miss so much of Abby growing up, but on the other hand I also want to be a successful working woman. Part of me knows that going to work each day helps me be a better mom because I'm doing something for me (plus with a second income, we are able to provide things with Abby ( and us) that we wouldn't be able to without it) . The other part wishes I could be with her every moment because I don't want to miss any part of her childhood.

Not sure I'll every overcome this struggle, just hope I can keep life balanced.