Thursday, May 17, 2007

On The Set

If you are a true Angelina Jolie fan, you'd probably already know that her new film is currently being shot in Chicago. I, however, am not a Jolie fan and was completely unaware that she was filming a movie in the Windy City until I stumbled upon the set while in town for a conference. Yes, that is right. I actually got to see a scene from her latest movie "Wanted" being shot tonight. A coworker and I were walking back from a dinner at a great steakhouse (I'll blog about that later) and noticed all these people with headsets on. The curious person that I am, I walked over to the person and asked what was going on. "A movie shoot" he said with more authority than he really had. So the easily excitable people that we are, we watched as they did a chase scene three times. I know. I'm such a loser, but it was pretty cool to see the chase seen and hear the gun shots. I may not be in the movie, but I was on the set...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wedding Wishes

Congratulations to Jill and Miles!! Last Friday, Jill and Miles got married in Michigan. Micah and I went out to Detroit on Thursday morning and after picking up Aunt Joan, we headed off to Milford to catch up with the rest of the family. Later Thursday afternoon, we went to the rehearsal and then off to the Miller's for dinner.
The Miller's house is amazing and it was great to catch up with family and meet some of Miles'. The food was amazing. Also to set the mood, the Miller's hired a accordion player who played classic tunes including, "If I Were a Rich Girl" and "Sunrise, Sunset".

That was a lot of fun and Aunt Joan showed that she can play a mean tambourine player!!

Friday morning came quickly and Jill, Mom and I headed off to the salon to get our hair done. Around 1pm, Aunt Cyndi, Uncle Dom and the girls arrived and we got to visit with them. I can't believe how big the girls are!!

Friday afternoon, we headed over the Dunham Hills for the wedding. Jill looked amazing. (Miles looked handsome as well.) And the reception appeared to be everything that Jill wanted. She did a great job planning the wedding. Jill and Miles looked so happy!!

On Saturday was the Birthday Bash. We celebrated birthdays for, Dad, Grampy S., Grampy G., Grammy S. and Aunt Joan. Mom made a great big cake, that needed a little help frosting from the cake master, Cyndi. After we all had our fill of cake and ice cream, we went outside for a game of Sizemore wiffle ball. It was all going well until Mom slammed Dom to the ground. (She just never plays fair.) And Dom threw out his back. Let's just say that the game quickly ended after that. After Dom had a couple of Aleve, we resumed the new tradition of closest to the pin. Grampy won again. I'm starting to doubt Dad's golfing ablatives. And as the winner, Grampy got a used pooper scooper. I agree with Cyndi, someone else needs to be in charge of the prizes!!

After a long couple of days, Kenzie and I were wiped and needed to take a nap! One of my favorite moments of the entire weekend!