Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bras. Supportive? Yes. Comfortable? Sometimes. Art? Never. Until now…

So on top of planning a wedding for 160 of my closest friends and family, I've been busy at work helping plan a HUGE breast cancer awareness event for the hospital.

With the help of talented local breast cancer survivors, celebrities, fashion designers, and artists, the first annual braVo! event will feature a collection of one-of-a-kind decorated bras, which will be exhibited in a daylong event to raise funds to help underserved women in the greater Baltimore area gain access to mammograms and other services for breast cancer patients not covered by insurance.

To date, we have more than 90 decorated bras from local Baltimore artists and even a few famous ones including Sandra Magsamen, Peggy Flemming and Jay Strongwater.

I, of course, with the little creativity I have made a bra that has been selected for the 2007 calendar. The bra is named "These Boobs Are Made for Walking," a play on words and is dedicated to all of the women who participate every year in breast cancer awareness walks around the country.

The event is October 25, so I and the rest of the Marketing Department at LifeBridge Health are running all around trying to get everything ready to go. So if I seem a little stressed out it is because of the this event, which is no where as organized as my wedding. :) If you get a minute, check out www.bravolifebridge.org. We've posted a handful of pictures.