Monday, June 23, 2008

Home Improvements

Slowly we are making our house a home. This past weekend we put the some finishing touches on the guest bedroom. We painted a couple of weekends ago, but it took Micah a while to finish the trim work. I loved the color. It is Country Club from Home Depot, however, they messed up mixing one of the paint cans and it came out a slightly different color. Turned out the messed up can was the one we started painting with and I like the color better. So I guess it really isn't Country Club.

We got rid of the futon Micah had since he was in high school. (I'm sure our parents are happy about that.) We moved our bed into the guestroom and got a king size bed for our room. Now I'll have to do is buy curtains, night tables and lamps, which will hopefully be done before Mom and Jill come for a visit next month.

Below are some pictures to help you visualize. The top one is the "before" and the other two are what the room looks like now. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A New Family Member

This December, Micah and I will welcome the newest member of our family. I'm pregnant. There really is no easy way to lead into that announcement. Most of our family and friends have heard of our good news, so as I'm thirteen weeks I figured I'm make the announcement official on my online journal.

I'm going to try and keep this blog about my travels through life and for the moment, baby free. A while ago I started another blog focused on our travels through trying to conceive. It started out as a private journal as an avenue for me to release many of the emotions that come with this process. I'm opening it up to all of you to read and share with this experience.

Please note, what I share on the blog is personal and a way for me work through the many emotions and feelings that come along with all the pregnancy hormones. What I share on the blog is what I'm feeling at the moment, it is not meant to be insulting and hurtful and I hope that no one takes it as such. I hope you all understand.

So without further ado, here is the new blog:

Traveling West

I had a Donate Life America - Donor Designation Collabrative meeting out west and Micah decided to join me. He, of course, was on vacation while I spent part of Sunday, and all day Monday and Tuesday in meetings. It was a cleaver plan on Micah's part.

So while Micah lounged at the pool and drink fruity drinks, I was learning ways to increase the donor designation rate in Maryland. (For those of you do know and care, the donor designation rate is how many people sign up at either the DMV or the via the online registry to be an organ, eye or tissue donor. The fact is that even though 80% of the population believes in organ donation, only about 30% have designated themselves as a potiential donor on their license.)

After a long day of meetings, I did get to enjoy the pool for a little bit and we also went out to eat. We ate at a cute bistro resturant at the hotel one night. The other night we went to Roy's, a restuarant serving Hawaiian fusion cuisune. There is a Roy's in Baltimore and we've be talking about going, but haven't made it downtown yet. So we ventured out to the restuarant and we weren't disappointed.

We started out the meal with the highly recommended Crunchy Golden Lobster Potstickers with spice togarashi miso butter sauce, which were to die for. Micah and I fought over the last one. For an entree I had Kaffir Lime Dusted Sea Scallops, which came bento box style with rice noodle salad with toasted cashews and Watermelon nam pa. It was delish. The scallops were well seasoned, more savory than sweet, and had a little kick to them. The rice noodle salad was in a light vingerrette. Micah enjoyed the Roy's Classic Trio which included Hibachi Grilled Salmon in a citrus ponzu sauce, Roy's Originial Blackend Island Ahi in spice soy mustard butter and Hawaiian Style Misoyaki Butterfish in a sizzling soy vinaigrette. He seemed to like it since there wasn't anything left when I looked over.

I would highly recommend Roy's. The fish was wonderful and fresh and the mixture of Hawaiian and classic European cuisine was delectable.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Here's another one of my soon-to-be-famous restaurant reviews.

On Friday night, a friend and I headed to Fell's Point to grab a bite to eat at Mezze. It was a beautiful night and we were luckily to grab a table outside. Mezze features Mediterranean tapas.

We shared a couple of plates including hummus, spinach pie and beef and lamb meatballs. The hummus was a little runny, I like my hummus a tad on the thick side and it lack a little bit of flavor. The spinach pie was amazing. The perfect amount of spinach mixed with feta cheese in a little crispy filo dough crust. The meatballs had great flavor, but were slightly under cooked. I also had falafel, which I loved! They had seasoned perfectly and had great flavor.

I didn't have some this visit, but I also recommend Mezze's sangria. It can be a little sweet, but it refreshing on a warm late Spring afternoon.

If you are looking for a place for some great Mediterranean food, stop by Mezze. (Although a reservation is highly recommended on Fridays and the weekend.) The bar area is small and can get quite crowded, but they have seating upstairs that is quiet and can be quite intimate.

Number 500!!

Two tickets to the Red Sox vs O's = $90
Dinner at the ballpark = $30
Watching Manny Rameriz hit his 500th homerun = priceless

Micah and I went to the game last night and were in the stands for Manny's 500th career homerun. It was amazing!! The entire stadium was on their feet when he hit the ball.

Let's go Red Sox!!