Monday, January 29, 2007

You've been selected as a Nielson Family

Yes. It happened. I got a phone call last week from the Nielson Survey people saying that they would like us to be a Nielson family for the next ratings period. It was so odd, because just the other night I told Micah that I really wanted to be a ratings family.


my dear husband works in television, SO this prohibts us from participating. I was so disappointed. This has always been my dream ever since watching the show Roseanne when they were selected to be a Nielson family and Roseanne would only allow them to watch educational programming.

And an update about my back...

The hump is gone. In it's place a small indentation. The doctor ended up taking out a fatty tumor that was a result of the fall. I guess the fats cells got squished together then got confused and starting growing to form the mass. I believe I heard someone say that is weight about 1lb. It is a relief to have the hump out, however, the recovery has been a pain in the ass (the pun is intended.) So I'm just resting, switching from my side to side as it is the only way to get comfortable.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Humpty Dance

As many of you know, I feel last Labor Day (2005) and have sizable 'hump' on my rump, (actually is is just above, but who is counting.) After more than a year walking around with this "little tail" as Jill has called it, I'm finally having it removed. Tomorrow. It is minor procedure (I hope), which is being done in Outpatient Surgery so I should be home in the afternoon.

I'm sure, over the next couple of days, I'll be online more as I recover from the surgery. Look forward to amusing postings as I try not to be a big a pain in the ass.