Monday, March 31, 2008


It has been a while since I've given a restuarant review, so here is one for a restuarant Micah and I went to this weekend in Washington, D.C.

The owners obviously lacked creativity when thinking of a name for their restuarant since 701 is at 701 Pennsylvania Ave. The Web site claims that it has a great wine list and raw bar. I didn't see a menu for the raw bar and wasn't all that impressed with the wine list.

The menu describes itself as Contempory Continential Cusine. I'm not even sure what Contempory Continential Cusine, but I can say that it was interesting. I had the Half Boneless Roasted Chicken, which was stuffed with a cornbread-andouille stuffing iwth a sweet and sour glaze. The andouille sauage was a little over-powering and chicken was dark meat, which I'm not found a fan. And other side note, Ashley (micah's sister) order the same thing and her chicken came out undercooked.

While the food was tolerable, the service was horrible. We had a 8pm reservation and were seated promptly, however, it took another 15 minutes for someone to take our drink order. The waiter took our order quickly after we got our drinks, however, the kitchen must have been backed up, because we didn't get our dinners until after 9:30 pm and only two of the five of us had ordered salads. It took another 20 minutes after we ordered coffee for us to get the waiter's attention to request the check.

My overall review is mediocure. The menu was pretensious and overpriced, while the services left something to be desired. If you are looking for a relaxing place with a nice glass of wine and enjoyable meal, I'd look someplace else.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Night At the Newsuem

Micah and I went to a preview of the Newsuem yesterday afternoon. The musuem had orginally been just outside of D.C. and just moved into downtown DC just steps away of the Capital building. The musuem is documents the 'news' business from the very beginning of the written word.

There is some very cool stuff at the musuem including the transmission tower from one of the World Trade Center Towers and in an exhibit dedicated to the attacks of 9/11, the story of how the news business scrambled to keep up with the events of the day are retold. This was probably one of the most powerful exhibits. In a tiny screening room, which was standing room only the entire time we were there, journalists retold their exepereinces that day. It was a very raw documentarty. At one point I looked around the room and saw many wiping tears from their faces.

Other parts of the musuem were more light-hearted. There is a part wehre you can become a t.v. news reporter or test your news trivia knowledge in several different interactive games.

Admission is inexpensive as fair as museums go, $20 for adults and I think $7 for kids. If you are in or around DC, I would suggest making this place a stop on your tour of the city. It opens to the public on April 11. Check out the website at

A tribute...

I don't typically post things on this blog that are do not directly connected to myself or Micah. However, the other day I learned of news that I thought I'd share, one, because his story is so moving and two, I hope that if people talk about what happened actions will be taken so it never happens again.

On Monday night, a young man passed away after being in a coma for nearly nine months. Zach Sowers was mugged and beaten while walking to his home just outside of Patterson Park (a neighborhood in Baltimore City). Four high school boys beat him so badly that he never regained consciousness. I first learned about this story about a month or so after the attack took place, when Zach was transferred to Sinai Hospital from a rehabilitation hospital due to an infection. He was at Sinai for a couple of days before being transferred back to Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Something about Zach's story touched a nerve within me. I don't know if it was what he and his family went through or that we are the same age or that he and his wife, Anna, were married one day before Micah and I were - maybe it was a combination of all three.

I've included a link to the blog his family started after the attack - If you have a moment, take a look. I'll warn you, it is sad. I figure sharing the story of Zach's life is the least I can do.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A persons a person no matter how small

A bunch of us celebrated Easter by going to the movies (really what else is there for a bunch of Jews to do on Easter Sunday?) We saw Horton Hears a Who. It was a cute movie and one I bet anyone under the age of 10 would love.

Really how can you go wrong making a movie out of any of Dr. Seuss' books. It has been a while since I've read one of Dr. Seuss' books, but if memory serves me correctly, they all had a message to tell. In Horton Hears a Who, the message is that all people should be treated equal, no matter what they look like or how tall or small they are. The message never gets old and could probably be retold to those fighting for a spot as the next president of the United States.

Overall, the movie got two thumbs up from me. Not something I think will win the next academy award, but a feel good family movie.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Let's Go Racing Boys

In preparation for Micah's first NASCAR race later this summer, we've been watching the race on Sundays. This weekend, I had an appointment to have a manicure and pedicure (a belated birthday present), so I missed a majority of the race. Around 4:30 pm, I came racing in to the house, yelling" who is in the lead?"

Micah yelled back, "I don't know. They are racing under a yellow flag!"

"I think you mean the race is under caution," I answered.

"Yeah, that is what I meant."

He still has some learning to do, but I'll get him ready for the race in July. I can't wait!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Las Vegas Baby

I finally got the pictures back from our trip to Las Vegas. Please keep in mind, these were taken with a disposable camera, so they are not that good. I think I need to invest in a new camera, somewhere between a disposable and Cyndi's :)

Here are a few pictures of The Strip

Caesar's Palace

Micah and I in front a waterfall at the Wynn hotel. This is one of the newest hotels in Vegas and it one of the nicest. I'd love to stay here the next time we come out to visit, but I think that it might be just out of our price range.

Me in front of a replica of Dale Earnhardt's car at the NASCAR Experience at the Sahara. There were a couple of other cars, but I can't remember which ones there. We also went on a roller coaster there that went through the hotel. I love roller coaster, but Micah doesn't really. He was a trooper and went on it with me. However, I did hear about halfway through the ride him yell "I hate you!" When we got off the ride, we complained that he was a little nauseous and would never go on another ride with me again.

Here is Micah a the botanical garden in the Bellagio. We were there near Chinese New Year, so the garden was all decked out with Chinese lanterns and streamers. It was very pretty. One of our other favorite things at the Bellagio was the fountains. At night the fountain lights up and does a choreographed routine to music. It is very cool.

We loved Vegas and hope to get back soon. It really is Disneyland for adults. And remember what happens at Vegas stays in Vegas.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Gray Hair

Last week I found my first gray hair. It was Thursday. I remember the day well. I was just putting the finishing touches on my make-up and noticed a shiny strand of hair. At first I thought it was a strand of blonde hair (wishful thinking, I know). I quickly grabbed the tweezer and started pulling. The hair wasn't blonde. Not even close. The piece of hair in my hands was course and gray. Gray as gray can be.

I'm making an appointment to see the hairdresser this weekend!